Smadav Juni 2010

smadav juni

With new smadav rev 8.1 you can use this antivirus with avira, kaspersky or norton antivirus. New database on smadav can protect your computer or your laptop from malware and local virus like sality. download smadav terbaru on juni 2010 more secure with new fresh skin. you still can download for free on this blog or you can direct download from smadav data base.

About Smadav
Smadav Developer and support Ssytem
Download Smadav
free verion and pro version, more secure must pay it !

* Last Updated: 2010-04-19
* License: Freeware Free
* OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98
* Requirements: No special requirements
* Publisher: Smadsoft
* Total Downloads From 2009-10-10: 26,179
* Downloads of Last week: 346
"smadav antivirus is a accuracy is virus-virus scan, especially the local virus"
smadav 2010 is a accuracy is very high in the virus-virus scan, especially the local virus you can free download smadav 2010 8.1 now.
here is more info about smadav antivirus history:
Smadav is the best anti virus local in indonesia, Now smadav releasd the new latest version (Smadav 2010 Rev. 8.1). I used smadav at my internet cafe, and this anti virus worked fine. Here new fitures in new latest version of smadav.
1. Addition of new 100 virus database.
2. Engine has a new scanner (SmadEngine.dll)
3. This antivirus compatible with windows vista and windows 7.
4. External Databse (Smadav.loov).

and these is old vesion of smadav anti virus
juni 2010 SmadAV Rev. 8.1`
- Side by side with international antivirus
- Completion of the Smad-Behavior
- Addition of new database of 23 local virus
- A new heuristic technique
- Smad-ray and immunization pendrive from virus infection
SmadAV 2009 Rev. 5.7
- Completion of the Smad-Behavior
- Cleanup completed 103 new viruses
- Addition of heuristic techniques
SmadAV 2009 Rev. 7.4
- New features advanced protection Smad-Behavior (Beta)
- Cleanup completed 55 new viruses
- Completion of the Smad-Lock
- Improved protection to prevent piracy SmadAV Pro
SmadAV 2009 Rev. 7.3
- Addition of many new virus database
- Much faster and lighter
- Smad-Turbo (Scanning 10x faster)
- Smad-Theme (Changing color themes)
- Smad-Ray (Auto flash is very fast scan)


Anonymous said...

thx for update smadav...

nurrahman said...

kunjungan balik om :D

info seputar PC said...

thanks infonya kawan,smadav memang antivirus lo0kal yang banyak membantu permasalahan seputar malware...

Anonymous said...

link download yg juni 2010 mana ya?
Thanks smadav for visitting my blog :)

sprei katun jepang said...

gan thank you good info and helpful blog, greetings and salutations successful blogger

sprei murah

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