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SmadAV antivirus December 2011 edition adds a few variants of computer viruses. Pro edition this December will soon be replaced with smadav 2012, several additional features and performance make the best antivirus smadav become number one in Indonesia, hopefully with this achievement, smadav will soon go international and be on par with other world antivirus.
smadav desember 2011
Development Smadav desember 2011 version of the antivirus engine owned smadav, has increased very significantly, this is because the development of increasingly diverse computer viruses, and attacks a variety of systems as well, your computer will be more vulnerable when used in a public area or used jointly, by Hence the need antivirus is absolutely necessary.

The end of 2011, also marks the success of antiviral smadav, programmers achievement in Indonesia should be proud of.

You can try smadav beta version that will soon be launched in January 2012. the development stage is in desperate need advice from you as the user smadav antivirus. and we expect the support that we were able to create the best antivirus for the people of Indonesia.


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mantab gan...moga2 smadav anti virus indonesia goooooo....!!!!!!!!!!!

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best of the best

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