Smadav terbaru April 2012

Smadav antivirus terbaru april 2012. Smadav latest antivirus april 2012 which is now increasingly improving the quality of security scan. Every day even every second, we always find a loophole smadav team of computer security with Windows-based system, be it windows xp, windows vista or windows 7, so every second of it are popping up new computer viruses are scattered through the internet.

Virus new folder on april 2012
Recently, namely in April 2012, the latest smadav yaitu  smadav terbaru 2012 found a virus that is spread through Indonesia one of the forum, he spread through the extension zip and rar. bulan april 2012,   If the file is in the extract it will spread a computer virus that will destroy the files and folders in your computer.

You need to take extra care when downloading a file from the internet. make sure your computer firewall is always turned on to prevent crime through computer viruses and worms smadav antivirus terbaru  also make sure the latest antivirus installed on your computer so that the antivirus is working with existing immediately when foreign file into your computer, whether it be through online or through the media are like flash usb hardware.

Our Support team smadav latest smadav april 2012 to capable of developing a new security system will be able to resist the destructive files, and fix the folder that has been infected with the virus. Smadav also get a pro version that will be automatically updated when your computer is connected to the internet.


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