SMADAV Terbaru REV 9.0

Smadav terbaru Rev 9.0 telah di release bulan mei 2012. smadav the release of their latest rev  9.0 or later generations to the development of 9 (nine). This proves the software development in Indonesia, especially software antivirus computer experience a steady growth.

The ability of a local smadav antivirus is able to detect viruses that enter through the flash media or other hardware. Internet is the largest field for the entry and spread of a wide range of foreign computer virus. Therefore you should always be to update antivirus and improve your computer security.

Smadav terbaru Rev 9.0 provide security and comfort in the use of your laptop or computer, antivirus Smadav able juxtaposed with other antivirus and did not experience a computer crash or system disruption. Read about the features of your computer Security Essentials, such as system scanning, cleaning, and real-protection and learn about smadav terbaru rev 9.0 system requirements.

Berikut adalah beberapa fitur dari "Smadav terbaru REV 9.0"

  • Blocks viruses, spyware, and other types of malware
  • Warns of a file’s reputation before you open it
  • Streams virus database updates in real-time
  • Can allow help from a 'geek' friend
  • Provides secure online shopping and banking
  • Selection Antivirus & anti-spyware engine
  • Hybrid cloud/non-cloud technology
  • Real-time shields
  • SafeZone and much more
smadav rev 9.0
Smadav REV 9.0 Requirements:
· Windows XP SP2/ Vista/ 7 (32 and 64 bit)
· Processor Pentium 3
· 128 MB RAM
· 200 MB of free hard disk space
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