Smadav Terbaru V. Mei 2013

Download smadav terbaru Mei 2013. Smadav Rev 2013. 9.2: Addition of new virus database 229, Support for Windows 8 (SmadAV can be used in Windows XP/Vista/7/8), change the display, and so on.

SmadAV terbaru Mei 2013 Rev 9.2 Supports Windows 8
SmadAV issued the latest version in 2013 Rev 9.2, on this latest version SmadAV has been supports the operating systems Windows 8. For those of you guys who using Windows 8 no need to be confused anymore to look for antivirus a local, make Smadav in 2013 Rev 9.2 for keep the computer you guys mainly from local virus.

SmadAV in 2013 Rev 9.2 has a greater ability better certainly, Smadav also perform the addition of database 229 new virus. In addition to Windows 8, Smadav in 2013 Rev 9.2 this also compatible with operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Besides it was SmadAV in 2013 Rev 9.2 also present with a new look which is certainly more fresh. Lately these are present some local virus new such as virus Pikirr, virus virgin, virus proposal, and which others. So SmadAV in 2013 Rev 9.2 this be a option which perfect for prevent the some virus new local such.

Some main functions who offered Smadav terbaru mei 2013 Rev 9.2 is:

Smadav terbaru mei 2013
Download Anti Virus
  •      As an additional protection the user's computer
  •      Proteksi USB flashdisk for prevent the the spread of virus
  •      Antivirus who practically and did not teralalu often require update online
  •      Equipped tool cleaner for clean the local virus to its conclusion
SmadAV it self is the local antivirus artificial children of the nation. Local antivirus such as SmadAV very suited for didampingkan with antivirus the outside such as Avira, AVG, Avast, and other. With it then the computer you guys will be shielded of virus both local and virus outer.

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